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About Us

The true origin of the Cash Advance Cow

Last night I dreamed that I was a child

Out where the pines grow wild and tall

I was trying to make it home through the forest

Before the darkness falls

- Bruce Springsteen, "My Father's House."

Our story begins in a farm in Nebraska, where we found ourselves in a quandary. We had no money and we soon had to pay our mortgage of $480 on the property. "Pa," my son turned to me over breakfast. "Are we gonna have to move into Aunt Ruby's barn again like in '02?" I chewed on the wife's flapjacks and pondered this course of action. It'd been mighty cold in that barn, but what could I do? I looked on the internet later for "Fast loans" and came across companies offering payday loans. I'd be getting funds from the guy I was selling all our corn to in the next couple of weeks - enough to pay the mortgage and let us live the rest of the year pretty easily, but that was a couple of weeks away and that money needed to be in our hands so I could take it to the bank on Tuesday of next week.

Then I saw there were companies that could deposit the funds into the account within 24 hours. "Well, damn!" I said aloud, and then was hushed by my wife. I wanted to make sure I got a good deal, so I did a ton of research and this is what I came up with, this site. So, look around, find out how we saved the farm and kept ConAgra off our land.

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