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Now you can find a payday loan in just a few moments with Cash Advance Cow. Fill out the above form to continue on to the online payday loan application.

Payday Advances

Should you find yourself falling short of the money you need then use your paycheck as collateral to get money. Now you can get an advance to help your finances get the boost they need.

Online Advances

Simple, fast, and safe, that is what you can expect when applying for an online advance. Our service helps you take advantage of great payday loan online advances to get you funds in no time.

Cash Advance Cow is the destination for old-fashioned fast financial aid.

Payday Loans

Cash Advance Cow is the destination for old-fashioned fast financial aid. Whether you need to keep the family farm from being repossessed, or need to save yourself from an old-fashioned a$$-whooping, a payday loan of $500 is what you need. Get it.

We Get You The Emergency Money You Need

Well there's ninety-seven crosses planted in the courthouse yard

Ninety-seven families who lost ninety-seven farms

I think about my grandpa, my neighbors and my name

Some nights I feel like dyin' like that scarecrow in the rain...

- John Cougar Mellencamp, Rain on the Scarecrow (1985)

The plight of borrowing

Every day in the nation's heartland, the hopes, dreams and memories of small-town Americans are being cut down by massive agribusiness conglomerates. Hello, ConAgra Foods. Goodbye, family farm. These are the times that try our souls, but we owe it to our children and our ancestors alike to fight the man until the bitter end. Don't let corporate America tarnish the bloodlines and history of this great land. Every farm has its cash crop, or cash cow, if you will. It's time to pull together and pull out all the stops. Let the barn doors swing wide and bring out the Cash Advance Cow. Moo.

How we will get you the money

These solutions can be instant remedies to the powerful forces you are up against. Why should you turn to us to save you in your time of need? Because when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And so should you. With a cash loan.

  • After all, who else will be willing lend you the money within 24 hours, enabling you to make the payment that could halt the foreclosure of your property? You need to consider all your options... and realize none of them compare to this possibility.
  • Where else can you get a loan of up to $1,000.00, without even having to endure a credit check?
  • How else can you enjoy the convenience of borrowing without even leaving the house? With our no fax payday loan policy, all transactions are carried out via Internets and telephones. That means you won't even have to put on your overalls and leave the house!

The best thing about a payday advance is that you can always apply for more of them. They're essentially free money. In addition to putting up a roadblock and preserving your family legacy, you can buy some extra cattle. Or a new straw hat, or a pair of overalls from the flea market. A man can never have to many when he works the fields 14 hours a day. He doesn't have time to waste when it comes to payday advances, either. That's why we make them so simple.

The professional staff members of are dedicated to providing the latest information on cash advances, also known as "payday loans." Our site can serve as a vital resource in your fight to keep the family farm. With something as important as your financial livelihood at stake, there is no use in being sheepish. Quit horsing around, already. What are you waiting for, you big chicken! Don't be a turkey. Your family might scapegoat you. Apply today before it's too late, and pig out on a bevy of savings.

With the Cash Advance Cow, you simply can't miss

It's like throwing a baseball at the broad side of a barn. How can you not hit that thing? What we are trying to say is that success through borrowing is a given. Your fields of corn, barley, wheat, squash and sorghum sure taste good, and will certainly be a hit at Thanksgiving. But the corporate world just has too many resources at its disposal. They aren't fighting fair, and neither should you. Milk our payday loans for all they are worth, and preserve a part of your heritage today.

The rooster is crowing. It's time to rise up and apply for payday loans before it's too late.

You can bet the farm on a no fax cash advance from our trusted lenders. So to speak. And literally! Amazing, isn't it?

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